See You Later

You only say good bye to people you never plan to see again, this is more like see you later. I do not like the word Good bye it sounds so permanent. I do like to think that somewhere down the road of life our paths will meet again and we will remember the time we had on Thursdays in EDM310. I wish you all happy futures and prosperous lives.

A Summary of My Adventures

There are so many wonderful experiences I will take away from this semester. I have learned and grown so much and I am very grateful for each experience. I have discovered a whole new world of blogging and how it can allow you to share and exchange thoughts and feeling. I was able to create and maintain an IGoogle page and learn all the benefits that is has for my classroom. Starting my PLN was so beneficial because we need each other to survive in this world. The thought of teachers having sources to rely and depend on is phenomenal. Itunes is a tremendous bonus. I have an Itunes account and did not even know about all the free features for me and my students.

Being able to reach out and comment on the children's blogs was fun. Children have fresh young minds that are full of great adventure. My professional blog is so nice I am proud of it the most. I like the fact I started and completed all my projects. The podcast and presentation was a awesome experience and I had…

New Classroom Rules

Dr Strange gives a twist on some familiarrules that take the rules and bend them so that they are more friendly and encourage students to give and be their best. I really liked the rule come to class on time or log in day or night. I have had the pleasure of taking online classes and going to a traditional classroom. I have to say I thoroughly enjoy both settings and feel that either one is great for learning it just depends on the students needs. The next rule that made me smile was, don't talk to you neighbor unless you are ideas, asking for help or giving help. I love group projects and feel students learn better when they are allowed to collaborate on the topic. Sometime keeping the students focused I am sure can be a challenge but the end result can be a positive experience for the students involved.

7 Brilliant Things Teachers Do in Technology

The same gentle Doug Johnson that posted an article about the mistakes teachers make when it comes to technology. Writes another article to give kudos for the 7 Brilliant Things Teachers Do In Technology. I really like how teachers have the ability to empower their students. Teaching is all about helping a child discover themselves and all that they can do. I feel that touching the life of a student and relating to him or her through technology helps them far beyond the school education but helps them in life.

The next point that I strongly feel is beneficial and lacking in so many students lives is that they are only familiar with the settings that are around and them and never get a full view of the world. Technology is awesomebecause it give a child the means to communicate all around the world and learn different cultures and embrace diversity.

Seven Stupid Mistakes

There are many teachers who have tried to advance with technology but still lack the etiquette that it takes to using a computer in a public setting. Doug Johnson's Seven Stupid Mistakes was funny and eye opening. The first rule that caught my eye was: treating a school computer like a home computer. No one should have that must trust to expose themselves to all who can see and not realizing that the computer is school property so any one is entitled to use it.

It bothers me to think these adults have the right to teach and their poor judge of character is a little unsettling. The next rule that made think WOW was: not supervising the students. In today's society we can never turn our back on a student and hope they do the right thing. Children using computers need constant supervision and adult guidance so the make good decisions and learn how to use the computer in a positive way.

At The Teacher's Desk

It is so important as an educator to have reliable resources that you can trust and depend on whenever you need help in and out of the classroom. I love the blogs site, At the the teacher's desk because the resources are so easily accessible and I know that the person providing the information knows how I feel and how to relate to my needs as a teacher.

The topics range, so I can get updated on issues in and out of the classroom. Sometimes we can be so involved with the teaching we forget our social needs as adults need to be stimulated also. Political issues, important facts, blogging tips for you and your classroom and statistics that affect us as educators are all great topics that can be found and explored on this blog post.

The post are very professionally presented and the resources used can be easily accessed for future reference. I know that teachers share a special bond and this blog post shows how when people care about each other and come together to help each other out,…

Toward A New Future of Whatever

Dr Wesch makes a valid point that stuck out with with, about the importance TV plays in our lives. We often measure and the success of a person by what we see on TV and begin to compare our lives with what we see. We rarely ever get the full facts before deciding whether or not a person is worthy of the attention they are getting. It does not matter is the press is good or bad we make up are minds and give that person the rating we feel they deserve.

As an adult I know how to make decisions based on character and moral. But many young people leave out the critical details and base what they feel about a celebrity according to the reputation the pose on screen We do not want to raise a society of children that believe if I do not act like a celebrity I have no worth. We need to work hard on guiding the future generation further from the television that educates children on bad moral decisions and get them more focused on long lasting positive decision making. Teachers have so muc…